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Mr. Sachin Advani (M.B.A.)

We feel good about your services: display of products, cleanliness and environment is excellent..

Mr. Akhilesh Mishra (Film Industry)

Totally satisfied as to services, disply of products, dotors' facility, cleanliness etc.

Mrs. Nupur Alankar (Actress)

Excellent chikitsalaya in all respect..

Dr. Suparna Nadkarni

Disply of products, environment, cleanliness, behavior of attendants are excellent..

Ms. Manisha Dave (M.A.) Psychological Counselling)

Excellent in all respect.. 

Mr. Ramesh N. Hariramani (, DABM)

This chikitsalaya is best among all Patanjali Chikitsalaya in Kandivali-Borivali and others..

Mr. Alankar Shrivastava (Actor)

It is excellent no improvement is suggested..

CA. Pallavi Dhoot

Excellent in all respect.. 

Mrs. Pratima Rajesh Parab

Very good service..excellent..thank you.. 

Mr. R. B. Mahapatra (M. Tech.)

It is excellent.. 

CA. Abhishek Jain

Doctor's facility, cleanliness and behavior of attendants and doctors are excellent..

CA. Tripti Saraogi suggestion for improvement..

CA. Pankaj Bagla