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Mrs. Reshma Nagulkar (36)

Feeling better..not suffering from pain..very nice..

Miss Vrushali (19)

The medicines given were perfect for relief in two months for the problem of small cyts at right side below breast..

Mrs. Manju Modi (59)

Doctors advised me eyes operation for the cataract but after taking treatment I am able to see better and in the position to read for two hours without eyeglasses..I am thankful to Patanjali Chikitsalaya and doctor..  

Mr. Santosh Kumar Agarwal (64)

I am satisfied with the treatment given for diabetes and joint pain..

Mr. Kantilal Parmar (60)

Treatment given for slipped disk is effective.. 

Mrs. Sarsavatidevi Vishvakarma (66) relief in depression in one week..feeling good..getting sound everything appears to be normal.. 

Mr. Ram Prasad (42)

The treatment was effective and had no issue during medication..the chikitsalaya is good on the whole and had a good experience..

Mr. E. C. Rajan (63)

From 27/10/2014 to 12/12/2014, my BP has come down from 150/90 to 104/70. I have fully recovered and feel more energetic and peaceful now. Medicine is still continued. May GOD BLESS YOU SWAMIJI in your generous contribution to the world communities / humanity and I am thankful to you and entire Patanjali team in all respect..

Mrs Gracy L Quadraj (69)

One and a half months back I had severe knee and back pain which now I feel after this ayurvedic treatment has become much less. Moreover now I am getting good sleep as well and my motions regular too..

Rameshchandra R. Mistry (50)

The Chikitsalaya is very good and doctor is very excellent..

Mrs. Kavita J. Bijlani (60)

I am getting cured very well. All my diseases like psorisis, blood pressure, diabetes, allergy, spondlyties, are better from before as I have started ayurvedic medicines..thanks

Mr. Bhavesh H. Gori (43)

I was suffering from piles and fistula. Within 15 days I was much better and after three months I am cured fully and feeling normal. I am very much satisfied with the treatment and this chikitsalaya. This particular chikitsalaya is very human and courteous and guides us at the best. This chikitsalaya has brought back the nadi vaidya..   

Mrs. Laxmi B. Poojari (56)

I was suffering from spondlytis and pitt since last many years but now I am almost cured and fully satisfied with the treatment and medicines received from Patanjali Chikitsalaya. The doctor has guided me and given excellent treatment. Even my whole family are associated with this chikitsalaya and all are in thier best of health. We have full faith on Patanjali Chikitsalaya and medicines.. 

Mr. Vishnu Prasad Bagla (74)

Extremely polite..pain taking..wonderful knowledge of all aspects of ayurvedic medicines..fully satisfied with the treatment. We wish all the success and best of luck. Keep it up.. 

Mrs. Kajal N. Bhatt (28)

Better after taking medicines..medicines are really helping me in my hypothyrodism problem..

Mr. Aman Rawat

It had been a great experience getting treated under Patanjali Chikitsalaya as we go there for getting cured for one problem but the medicines solve hundreds of others. I as a patient, got completely immune from many diseases..thanks.. 

Mrs. Savita Rathod (61)

Since last 3 years I was suffering from arthritis..fingers were not properly working..could walk..I consulted so amy doctors but could not get relief..then I walked to this Patanjali Chkitsalaya where I got much relief in 8 days and within one month I feel 50% okay..I am thankful to Swami Ramdevji, doctor, chikitsalaya..  

Mrs. Sujata Birajdar (54)

I was suffering from pain in my right shoulder and high BP. I used to take allopathic medicines but could not get any relief. I consulted this chikitsalaya and took medicines and did yogasanas as per direction of my BP is normal and no pain in the shoulder..

Mr. Narayan Pabhalkar (54)

I was suffering from psoraisis since last 7-8 years..consulted doctors but could not get relief..before 2 months I started treatment at this chikitsalaya and got relief to a great extent..I am very much thankful..

Mr. Rohit Tibrewala (23)

Patches at my neck region were healed to quite an extent..traetment is in progress..

Mr. Jainath Vishwakarma (57)

I was suffering from all joint pains, stiffness in right shoulder and high BP..I am thankful to Chikitsalaya and doctor who have changed my life..thanks again.. 

Mrs. Manju Khandelwal (63)

I am a diabetic and suffering from joint pains..was not happy with the treatment I was taking..I consulted this chikitsalaya and satisfied too much..I am happy..thanks..

Mr. Radheshyam Saboo (66)

I had problem of IHD.. 95% in 2 veins and 100% in 2 June 2010 I consulted other ayurvedic doctor and got much relief..when the problem restarted I consulted this chikitsalaya and on nadi parikshna the treatment was given..I am very satisfied and healthy with medicines and guidance given.. 

Mr. Amit Manoj Nakil (25)

My hair falling decreased..cover most of the area of hair buding..growing hairs slowly but effectively..faithful treatment..

Mrs. Jyoti A. Walavakar (33)

Infertility case..I am fully satisfied with the treatment received from this has guided me and given excellent treatment to me during my pregnancy tenure as a result of which I had a very healthy baby through normal delivery..whole credit goes to chikitsalaya and doctor..I have full faith in Patanjali Chikitsalaya and its whole family is associated and all are in their best of health..thanks..